Conklin Roof Coating Reviews

Conklin Roof Coating Reviews Conklin Company introduced elastomeric roof coatings to the commercial roofing industry in 1977.  One of the oldest coating manufactures in the United States, Conklin prides itself in quality roof coatings and training their contractors on...

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Spray Foam Roofing problems

Spray Foam Roofing Problems and Myths Answered Having been around in the United States since the 1960s, spray foam roofing has emerged as a popular, energy-saving roofing solution for many building owners. Spray foam has been a questionable roofing system for years....

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Is SEO for Local Contractors a Scam?

I decided to open with this subject because I know a lot of local contractors get burned over and over again by SEO companies that promised they will own Google for them, and after 6 months, all they do is take their money. You are probably getting hammered with...

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Advantages of White Roof Coatings

A dark roof absorbs the sun’s heat, while a white roof coating reflects it away. Advantages of White Roof Coatings The answer to that question is that a white roof coating, or "cool" roof could potentially lower the surface temperature of your roof by up to 100°F....

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Cool Roofs for commercial roofs

Cool roofs for commercial roofs are affordable and long lasting! The initial cost of a cool roof varies with the type of product specified. There is a lot of support from utility companies for the increased use of cool roofs, because they are an effective way to...

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