Restoring Metal Roofs in Colorado, One by One!

We restored an Old Historic Metal Roof with Conklin Roof Coatings!

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The story about this building:

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This building was built during World War 2, and it was used to build military semi-trailers. When that was done, the building was owned by a landscape company for 12 years, and it was used 2 months in a year just to make Christmas decoration, wreaths and retail trees. Now the owners make plastic pipe and polyseptic tanks, and they’ve been searching for a building to expand to as they need more space. The owners got this building right away as it entered the market. Our job was to restore the metal roof, as the roof started leaking. Then we installed the waterproofing system, and we used lead that was from a commercial lead generation service we employed earlier.

Is your metal roof a candidate for restoration?

conklin metal roof coating,

This is what we did to restore this metal roof with Conklin Metal Roof Restoration Systems:

Firstly we had our Team power wash the roof, and then we used the Conklin Encase® Metal Roof Primer product on the roof. What we did after that was cover the seams that were present on the roof with Conklin Base Coat and put fabric between roof coating layers. After that it was necessary to caulk the screws to make certain that they don’t leak. In the end, we sprayed the roof with Conklin Benchmark® White Top Coat, which gives the roof a completely self-adhered, seamless rubber roof. The picture at the top is the done restoration of the roof.

Conklin Metal Roof Restoration alternative for your Commercial Metal Roof in Colorado!

Advantages of restoring a metal roof:

Metal roofs can be up-kept by regular and thorough maintenance and repair, and in that case it is a good protector of your building. However, restoring your existing metal roof will lower utility costs and protect you from outside elements even better as it is the most efficient system out there that ensures that the house uses low amounts of energy. When the temperature changes, what can reduce the contraction and expansion of the roof is a white roof. It will also help you with water entering your building, which can cause a lot of damage. This type of cool coating can reflect up to 87% of damaging sun rays, which make your roof last longer!

If you need help determining if your roof needs restoration or even replacement, contact us here at Absolute Commercial Roofing in Denver. We will make that assessment and take care of the work your roof needs.