Metal Roof Repair Solutions:

Solving Your Leaking Metal Roof Issues

Does your business have a metal roof system?

Perhaps you’re responsible for a commercial property that has a metal roof system. They make up a substantial portion of the United States roofing systems, so is very likely that you have come across a metal roof on a building you were passing by.

If you are managing a business that has metal roof system you have probably had a metal roof leaking situation. The materials and specifics that constitute a metal roof are unique, so obviously the repair options are unique as well.

A lot of industrial and commercial buildings use metal roof systems, and some of them utilize the metal roof system both in the sense of waterproofing the business, as well as having it support the structural roof deck.

Have you had to deal with metal roof system leaks?

Believe us, you are one of many. Metal roof systems are susceptible to leaking in certain spots at some point .

It is important that every detail of the roof is taken care of. This is an integral part of the maintenance and installation services that we provide.

Here we list some of the frequent issues that we find during metal roof estimates.

  1.  Horizontal Seams Openings:
    It is not always possible to extend the metal roof panels across the full rafter length of the building. Sometimes the designer limits the panel length considering the potential of contraction and expansion. As horizontal seams are likely to separate over time, this can be problematic since water can enter the building due to an opening created by the separation.
  2.  Penetration Flashing Openings:
    We have already learned that metal roof systems can contract and expand, and that is caused by temperature changes that cause the metal panels to move. This movement can create pressure at the attachment points and cause penetrations through the roof system. The pressure causes breaks down flashings at the penetrations, and that ultimately results in roof leaks.
  3. Oxidation of Metal Roofs:
    These roofs are made up of many different materials, some of which include aluminum, steel, copper, zinc and tin, and some of these are likely to oxidate. Metal roof panels are mostly made of coat-protected sheet metal, which can wear away over time, leaving the metal panels to oxidize. Oxidation in this situation can impede repairs and lead to issues such as structural failures. Application of a sealant can also be made more difficult thanks to metal panel oxidation at exposed fastener heads.
  4. Fasteners Backing Out:
    Metal roof systems normally include a combination of concealed and exposed fasteners, which can be screws or nails. The exposed ones will generally have a neoprene washer which seals the surface of the metal roof panel to the fastener head.
    The fasteners can get out of their seated position with time, and that can happen for different reasons, such as vibration under wind conditions, wind uplift, freeze-thaw and frozen water that later expands and leads to the fastener backing out.

Let the Conklin Metal Roof Restoration System Restore your Roof!

Ben-Koehn-CO-2-2At White Roofing Systems, our Team of professional roofers takes pride in looking after your metal roofing system. We will inspect your roof and give you a detailed report on what we find during our assessment. Then we will hand you a written proposal of what we would like to do to fix your roof issues and potentially restore your metal roof.  Find a Conklin Contractor here