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LR Roofing Systems – Conklin Roofer from Pennsylvania

LR Roofing Systems is doing the Conklin roofing systems exclusively in Pennsylvania, helping building owners with their commercial roofing needs. We use Conklin roof coatings to restore and waterproof commercial flat roofs and metal roofs all over Pennsylvania with our Conklin roof coatings.

Roofing is one of the biggest expenditures you can make. We understand the significance of your investment and want to make a commitment back to you. LR Roofing Systems will treat every project with the highest level of professionalism and dedication. We stand by our work and go the extra mile to earn the trust of every client we have. Our reputation means everything to us, which is why every job we do is the most important job we’ll ever do.

About Conklin Roofing Systems

Conklin Roofing Systems are:

  • Installed by Certified Applicators
  • Heating and Cooling Cost Savers
  • Energy Efficient
  • Seamless
  • Sustainable
  • Class A Fire Rating

Areas Served:

  • All of Pennsylvania

Conklin was the first manufacturer of acrylic roof coatings, which protect investments from the weather and provide energy efficiency. Due to our commitment to this revolutionary solution, Conklin remains the nation’s No. 1 producer by volume of acrylic roofing. In fact, our top products have met or exceeded the strictest standards for fire rating and code approvals.


From metal roofs to flat roofs to aged, multi-layered roofs, Conklin offers a proven system for guarding your underlying investment. Whether you need superior performance for extreme conditions, a high-quality selection or a solid choice that provides maximum value, we provide a wide range of products and services to meet any need and budget.

At LR Roofing Systems, we understand that you want experienced professionals delivering professional service and workmanship you deserve. We place the utmost importance on both customer service and using roof products with a proven record. That is why we have chosen Conklin® roofing products. These high-performance, durable, energy-efficient roofing materials have been raising industry standards for excellence and performance for over 35 years. They are a sign of our commitment to your needs and your complete, lasting satisfaction.

We understand that roofing is a serious investment. Because we value your investment in a quality roof you can trust for years to come, LR Roofing Systems only uses the best-quality materials. With our Conklin® roof coatings protecting your roof, you can depend on for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Kind Of Warranty Is There On Roof Coatings?

Our typical warranties are leak free warranties that range from 10-18 years.  The warranties are renewable by simply applying a maintenance coat within the warranty period.  If properly maintained the building should never require a new roof.

Will My Business Be Disrupted During The Process?

Most of our roofing systems require little or no tearoff, therefore the disruption of your daily business is very minimal or non existent. You can carry on with your daily business during our install.

Will I Notice A Difference In My Utilities Cost?

Everyone of our Conklin roofing systems are white in color making them highly energy efficient and UV reflective. Most of our clients see a tremendous savings in their cooling costs through the warm months. Some of our roofing systems provide additional savings through the cooler months from added R-Value.

How Well Will My New Conklin Roofing System Withstand Against Hail?
Many of our roofing systems carry a class 4 impact rating which means they can withstand the impact of large hail.
What Makes The Conklin Roofing Systems Last So Long?
The Quality of our products used is just the beginning of it another key in the long life expectancy of our roofing systems is the key word “systems”. All our roof systems are designed to have added protection in the most critical areas of your roof making them withstand against the harsh elements of weather.

Satisfied Customers

“Anyone who has doubts whether a white roof coating makes a difference should have been in our building on a 100-degree summer day. Usually, the air conditioner struggles and it gets very hot in the shop. However, with our new white roof from Conklin, our air conditioners were cycling and customers and employees were commenting how nice it was in the building.” 

Roger L.

“Last fall, we put on our thirteenth Conklin roof since 1983 and all are without a leak. This is a multimillion-dollar development: some of the condominiums sell for over $300,000. We can’t afford leaks. I would recommend this system to anyone with a flat roof that doesn’t want to be bothered with leaks.”

Ken H.

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Metal roof

With Primer and seams done with Conklin base coat ready for Conklin top coat in Pennsylvania

Metal roof coatings

Finished metal roof with Conklin top coat, a seamless self adhered waterproofing metal roofing system

Foam roof base coat

Foam roof in Pennsylvania being sprayed with Conklin Rapid Roof III base coat

Foam roof Top Coat

Foam roof in Pennsylvania being sprayed with Conklin Rapid Roof III Top Coat