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capitalize on the increasing demand for roof coatings

Reflective roof coatings are the fastest-growing product segment in the fluid-applied roofing market!

There is a good reason why reflective roof coatings are the fastest-selling product in the modern, fluid-applied roofing market!

Lately, the demand for cool roofing, which includes roof coatings as well, is at constant rise. In the middle of the green movement hype and thanks to the influence of national initiatives like the Energy Star, developed by the EPA ( US Environmental Protection Agency), organization all over the United States are seeking to promote roof as an active element in saving nature. They want rooftops to be cool and contribute to lower energy consumption. Official bodies support this aspiration through government initiatives and taxes

Roof Coatings are being specified!

Building and facilities managers, various company owners have been using white elastomeric roof coatings in order to protect roofs for years. With rapid costs of electricity and cooling, white roofing options have significantly thrived in popularity over the last couple of years. Motivated by energy savings and environmental benefits, people have been looking non-stop for contractors skilled enough to install a white roofing system such as the Conklin.

Among numerous studies, a study by Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Lawrence Berkley National Laboratories has verified the wholesomeness and usefulness of reflective roofing systems in locations suffering from high temperatures and solar irradiance. In such conditions, white roofing systems or reflective coatings have the ability to provide major energy savings due to the cooling effect.

Roof Coatings:

The power of coatings is often underrated. A quality coating can significantly extend the life of an older roof and stop the water from penetrating the interior. Coatings can also benefit the metal roofs because they reduce thermal-shock damage. A cool roof coating helps reduce the intensity and frequency of the thermal expansion and contraction that could lead to severe roof damage in the form of seal and fastener failure.

In regions with high temperatures, utilizing a reflective roof surface can reduce the final energy consumption cost for a particular facility. However, managers and company owners need to take into consideration that there is a variety of factors that influence the energy efficiency of the building except for the rooftop. They have to be careful when choosing a coating- in regions without high temperatures, and solar irradiance reflective coating might be a waste of money if you exclude the overall role in protecting the roof from the weather.

If you are wondering how much would you benefit in a financial sense, then we recommend you to use one of the many online calculators for counting potential energy savings. The most reliable and trustworthy one is a calculator for roof energy savings from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Roof Savings Calculator. It gives you an opportunity to compare your current roof with a potential sustainable one; you can get access to all information considering reflectivity or emissivity of various coatings.

Watch the video below to learn more about adding energy efficient, faster-to-install, Conklin Cool Roof Coatings, restoration and ply systems to your roofing company’s service offerings:


The Conklin Company provides innovative roofing systems for a wide variety of roofing applications, including metal roof renovationsingle-ply recoat, fabric reinforcedpolyurethane foam and EPDM Coating Systems. Conklin’s roofing systems are VOC compliant, lightweight, easy to maintain, and EPA Energy Star Rated.

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conklin roofing logo 40 years, conklin roof coatingsConklin is the nation’s #1 acrylic coating company by volume, offering low overhead and high profitability, 40 years of proven labor-saving applications, regional and national training programs, and low start-up costs.

Conklin Roofing Systems have been applied to over 2 billion square feet of roofing throughout the United States since 1977. We were the first manufacturer of acrylic roof coatings, which protect investments from the weather and provide energy efficiency. Our top products have met or exceeded the strictest standards for fire rating and code approvals.

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