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Nothing greener than Conklin white Bechmark roof coating

Everything You Need to Know About Conklin Roof Coatings

conklin roofing systems, conklin roof coatingsThe Conklin Company introduced elastomeric coatings to the roofing industry 40 years ago; (1977) this one concept changed the commercial roofing world forever. When you combine Conklin’s superior quality products and proven and trusted performance for applicators and building owners alike, these are results only Conklin can deliver. We are committed to quality products and systems as well as the contractors we serve. Our goal as we partner with contractors is to offer an unsurpassed value, providing a smart investment to building owners and property managers to help keep their bottom line strong.

Imagine roofing your commercial building with a quality system that pays for itself in just a few years while protecting it for decades! Then imagine having the federal government fund part of the cost as well. It’s all possible with a Conklin roof coatings.

Conklin’s white roofs reflect the sun’s hot UV rays rather than absorbing them the way black roofs do. This keeps your commercial buildings cooler, reducing cooling costs, and putting more “green” back in the pockets of building owners like you. In fact, since we introduced our white acrylic roofs over 40 years ago, many of our customers have enjoyed a complete return on investment.

You could also qualify for significant federal tax credits or rebates simply by choosing “green” building material like our white roofing and foam systems.

**They meet ENERGY STAR requirements**

And several can be applied over existing roofing systems saving you the cost of tear-off and keeping all that roofing material out of the landfill.

Finally, Conklin roof coatings are renowned for their longevity. Many of the initial roofs we applied in the 1970’s are still on the job today.


During the warmest weather, studies have indicated they lower roof temperatures by up to 40% and decrease the amount of heat transferred into a building’s interior. That helps reduce energy needs for cooling – up to 40% in some studies. Using less energy saves money and reduces the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere. Conklin roof coatings & Conklin roofing systems have been proven to be energy efficient in some very intense situations and under some very intense scrutiny. Independent studies have shown that Conklin Roofing Systems meet the very highest standards.

Check with your local utility companies, tax advisor, and dsireusa.org or
energystar.gov for additional details.

Check with local code agencies and with Conklin technical services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Kind Of Warranty Is There On Roof Coatings?
Our typical warranties are leak free warranties that range from 10-18 years.  The warranties are renewable by simply applying a maintenance coat within the warranty period.  If properly maintained the building should never require a new roof.
Will My Business Be Disrupted During The Process?
Most of our roofing systems require little or no tearoff, therefore the disruption of your daily business is very minimal or non existent. You can carry on with your daily business during our install.
Will I Notice A Difference In My Utilities Cost?
Everyone of our Conklin roofing systems are white in color making them highly energy efficient and UV reflective. Most of our clients see a tremendous savings in their cooling costs through the warm months. Some of our roofing systems provide additional savings through the cooler months from added R-Value.
How Well Will My New Conklin Roofing System Withstand Against Hail?
Many of our roofing systems carry a class 4 impact rating which means they can withstand the impact of large hail.
What Makes The Conklin Roofing Systems Last So Long?
The Quality of our products used is just the beginning of it another key in the long life expectancy of our roofing systems is the key word “systems”. All our roof systems are designed to have added protection in the most critical areas of your roof making them withstand against the harsh elements of weather.
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