Commercial roof coatings for commercial roofs!

Protecting your customers commercial roof from foul weather elements is essential to staying in business!

Protect your commercial roof with commercial roof coatings.

If a commercial roof gets damaged due to heavy rain or accumulated snowfall their business could suffer a temporary shutdown. Business interruption insurance isn’t cheap!

By providing our customers with a commercial grade, waterproofing, commercial roof coatings for their roof by using a liquid applied commercial roof coatings.

There are a number of options for commercial roofing materials including sheet metal (steel, aluminum and copper), asphalt shingles, tile and slate shingles, all of which can be coated with a liquid rubber coating system like those that Conklin offer. When left on its own these materials will tend to wear down do to the elements.

Keep our customers business running even during the harshest of winters and hot summers sun and rain by effectively sealing their roof with a high quality Conklin roof coatings for your commercial roof.

The Benefits of Conklin’s Elastomeric Commercial Roof Coatings:

Conklin is the preferred choice in commercial roof coatings. Their products have been put to the test for since 1975 now, and they stand behind their products with solid, non-prorated guarantees. Don’t throw your money away with traditional roof replacements. Make the smart choice with a Conklin commercial roof coats, from a trained Conklin contractor!

cool roof benefits, commercial roof coatings

Elastomeric cool roofs are formulated completely white to reflect heat and light from the sun.
In addition to reducing the electric bill, our elastomeric commercial roof coatings reduce HVAC equipment wear-and-tear.
Our total coverage solution seal every seam and crack for a leak-free roof you can count on for years to come.
The Conklin elastomeric commercial roof coating systems we use provide exceptional value and a long list of benefits that truly stand out.

You will be surprised at how economical elastomeric commercial roof coatings are.
Give us a call today, and we will demonstrate the Conklin difference.

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