Why did Darren Graber get started in

Conklin Roof Coatings?

What a great question! It all started when he kept hearing about the Conklin Roof Coating stuff. Everywhere he went he kept hearing about Conklin. So one day back in November of 2017 he decided to look into it. And so the story begins!

Where Darren started his construction career!

Darren has been around the construction industry for most of his young life helping his father and uncle with construction. Doing everything from remodeling to roofing. Darren saw a need for commercial roofing in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area. This is when he began his search for something for commercial roofing!

So the search begins looking for info about Conklin Roof Coatings!

November 2017:

Darren says he was sitting there one day thinking about what he had been hearing, and decided to do a search for Conklin Roofing. This is when he found a website called White Roofing Systems and learned more about Conklin. Once he was happy with what he saw, he filled out a form to get more information.

He was contacted very shortly after that by a person named Jodi Stout. Jodi and her husband Mike run a very successful Conklin Roofing business in IL. Mike is a multi year Conklin Preferred Contractor and Jodi helps with all the office work for the roofing business along with following up with contractors like Darren to see how her and Mike can help them learn more about how they can add commercial roof coatings to their business.

Skeptical at first!

At first Darren says he was very skeptical about what he was hearing! “It all sounded to good to be true.” Can this be true, they were going to help me get started? Most contractors would never consider helping another contractor. Weird! So after thinking it over I arranged for a call for my dad to hear about all this. Dad was also impressed with what he heard. The one question his dad had after talking with Mike & Jodi, was how do we get leads? After talking some more with them and hearing how he could do some marketing and again Jodi would help them figure out what they would do. So after hearing how getting leads would work I decided to get started.

Joined the Conklin Roofing Team!

In December 2017 I got started with the Conklin Roofing Systems! Once I got my account set up with Conklin, Jodi said the first training for me wasn’t until late February, so I patiently waited to attend Metal Roof Training. It was tough waiting I wanted to get this going! I was also informed that there was what is called a Conklin Business Seminar just before roof training, where I would learn more about Conklin and the other products they have. So off I went to both training’s in February 2018, what a great experience! Both training’s were very informative and I met a lot of helpful people willing to help me. The Conklin staff was VERY helpful and knowledgeable also. The best part for me of course was the Metal Roof Training where I learned the basics of running a business to the application of the metal roof system.

What to do next to get roof leads?

After training I get home and think how do I get roof leads? Jodi reminded me of our talk about marketing. She informed me again about the website I found, whiteroofingsystems.com that it is a marketing tool to get roof leads for my Conklin Roofing business. So Jodi helped me contact Randy Patton who owns the website to see about getting listed on the site to get roof coating leads. Randy explained how it worked and I got listed immediately. Randy also explained how he would help me to market myself on social media (that word again “help”)

Learning to Market my Conklin Metal Roof Coating business:

Randy taught me how to use the website to market on social media and what to do. I listened to what he said and started doing what he said to do. After being listed for about 2 weeks on the website and marketing I got my first roof lead. I was so excited! My first lead turned out to be a 5 acre roof. NO way! I can’t do it! (This is not typical to get leads like this!) Once again Mike Stout came to my rescue and said he would come over and “help” me go look at it and talk with the building owner. Since then I have sold my first roof coating job! AND again Mike will be here to “help” me apply the roof coatings!

3d roofing in, conklin contractor in, commercial roofer in“I have to say this has been by far, a very interesting journey and look forward to a great future with the Conklin Roofing Team! My business name is 3D Roofing & White Coatings located in Fort Wayne, IN. I have since decided to go to Conklin’s Advanced Roof Training (April 2018) to get all my training done so I can do all the different roofing systems. It is great to be working with such a great company that offers all this training. Along with the support of the team in the field.” Darren Graber

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