How to get into Commercial Roofing

There is no time like the present to break into the commercial roofing market!

The economy is booming, especially in the commercial roof coating market, business owners are continuing to look for trusted commercial roofing contractors, and no matter what happens to the economy in the future, commercial roofs still must perform on your building. Now is the perfect time to get started in the commercial roof coating market!

The global cool roof coating market industry is expected to reach USD 5.41 billion by 2025, according to a new article by Grand View Research, Inc. Favorable regulations to lower energy waste are likely to be a major factor for rising popularity of cool roof coatings.

Going from Residential to Commercial Roofing

If you’re a residential roofing contractor thinking about expanding into the commercial sector, you’re not alone. Plenty of roofing contractors start their companies with a focus on the residential market and then make the decision to expand into commercial roofing. Adding a commercial division can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you take it one step at a time. The first step is to listen to what people in the industry have to say about what makes commercial roofing different. Consider talking to commercial contractors in your network, like our Conklin Roofing Team here at White Roofing Systems. You might also want to consider narrowing your focus to a specific area of commercial roofing. For instance, roof coatings are gaining popularity as a way to extend the life of a structurally sound roofing system without tearing off the existing roof.

New to Commercial Roofing?

For those new to the scene, one big challenge is winning out over those with years of commercial roofing experience. It’s not unusual for experienced contractors to be among the competition on larger-scale jobs.

commercial roofing contractors, conklin contractorsThis why you need to join the White Roofing Systems Team to give you a strong competitive edge. For one, as part of our team you have access to over a century of industry-related experience. A team of contractors with years of experience to help you. Our nationwide team is likely to know far more than any one of your competitors and building owners will find greater peace of mind knowing you can rely on our team’s experience to present long-term solutions to their roofing needs.

One big hurdle facing new contractors is how to handle new business or roofing situations. It’s yet another area where experienced commercial roofing contractors have the advantage to help you. By joining our Conklin Trained team of contractors our you can overcome this obstacle through our contractor support program. Our most experienced veterans will provide ongoing mentor ship and guidance, whether you have questions related to sales, roofing technique, we are here to help.

Get the training you need in Commercial Roofing

There’s nothing like getting hands on training by watching someone perform an installation and then having the chance to do it yourself before getting on your customers’ roofs. Training programs like those offered by Conklin will let you do just that. Practical training gives you hands-on opportunities to learn both time-tested and innovative installation techniques from industry veterans. In the commercial roofing industry, every successful roofing company is founded upon using top quality reputable roofing products like Conklin Roof Coatings.

Why Conklin Roof Training?

Callsroom training for Conklin contractorsWithout training, you can’t be successful! Conklin’s Training program is design for your success. Conklin will give you the tools you need to be successful in the commercial roofing market. You will get hands on training, along the insights you will need. Along with getting the specifications for all our roofing systems.

After a contractor has gone through Conklin roof systems training, they become an official Conklin trained applicator. They have approval to install warrantied Conklin roof systems and to offer warranties for your building owners. You can depend on Conklin’s strong, 40+ year reputation for closing sales and increasing profitability.

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